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Monday, February 18

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    Several sites reference saving lessons for absent students and for general inclusion in student notes while on the same page mentioning information overload as teachers develop more information ahead of time, or are able to reuse previous classes even more completely than before. While any student that has experienced an instructor that "writes with one hand and erases with the other" sees immediate value in this technology even if it does mean more information they are accountable for, there are clearly pacing issues that must be addressed. New technology frequently struggles to find its appropriate use, and detractors, but gains of 20%-25% in teaching time are hard to ignore.
    Interactive whiteboard Resources
    Interactive whiteboard Resources for foundation stage and key stages: 1 and 2
    Interactive whiteboard Resources from foundation stage to key stage 3
    IWB resources for the foundation stage
    Whiteboard resources for foundation, primary and secondary
    Interactive whiteboard resources for K-5 Classroom
    IWB Resources on Literacy, English, Numeracy / Maths, Science, Information, Technology, History, Geography etc.
    Interactive whiteboard Tutorials and templates
    Support to all interactive whiteboard users with a wide range of resources, guidance.
    [Source: Interactive whiteboards UK]

    Wall, K., Higgins, S., Smith, H., Result_1‘The visual helps me understand the complicated things’: pupil views of teaching and learning with interactive whiteboards. British Journal of Educational Technology, Vol. 36 (Iss 5) p851-867
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    Content Syndication
    According to the ProShay Web Development Technical Terms Glossary, Content Syndication on the Web is the offering of one's own content for use on another's site in exchange for a plug or link back to the originating site. This trade is considered beneficial to both parties because one party gets free publicity and the other gets "unique and quality articles for keyword optimization without having to write each proprietarily." These links help build search engine optimization. Many times content syndication is done through the automated use of another site's RSS feed.
    Defined by PC Magazine to be an "iPOD broadCAST", a Podcast is an audio broadcast that has been made available in either MP3 or another digital audio format. These digital formats can be played back in a multitude of audio players, only one of them being the Apple iPod. Combined with the RSS 2.0 format, these audio files are made available to subscribers who then automatically receive them and have them transferred to their portable digital audio players.
    A vodcast is a portmanteau combining the words "video" and "podcast". Vodcasts provide on-demand video for users utilizing traditional computer systems as well as portable devices such as MP3 players. Video shown on vodcasts can either be streamed or downloaded. Streamed video allows users to avoid having to store the complete file on a hard drive when only a portion needs to be viewed. Downloadable vodcasts give users the opportunity to view a video repeatedly without a constant connection to the Internet. Vodcasts are being increasingly utilized in schools and universities today, as compatible portable media players such as Apple's iPod are becoming more affordable. Professors at many colleges are taking videos of their lectures and digitally converting them to a vodcast format which can be used by students for initial learning and exam preparation. Additionally, companies such as BMW are calling upon vodcasts to deliver advertising material and other video features for enthusiasts.
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