Content Syndication

According to the ProShay Web Development Technical Terms Glossary, Content Syndication on the Web is the offering of one's own content for use on another's site in exchange for a plug or link back to the originating site. This trade is considered beneficial to both parties because one party gets free publicity and the other gets "unique and quality articles for keyword optimization without having to write each proprietarily." These links help build search engine optimization. Many times content syndication is done through the automated use of another site's RSS feed.


Defined by PC Magazine to be an "iPOD broadCAST", a Podcast is an audio broadcast that has been made available in either MP3 or another digital audio format. These digital formats can be played back in a multitude of audio players, only one of them being the Apple iPod. Combined with the RSS 2.0 format, these audio files are made available to subscribers who then automatically receive them and have them transferred to their portable digital audio players.


A vodcast is a portmanteau combining the words "video" and "podcast". Vodcasts provide on-demand video for users utilizing traditional computer systems as well as portable devices such as MP3 players. Video shown on vodcasts can either be streamed or downloaded. Streamed video allows users to avoid having to store the complete file on a hard drive when only a portion needs to be viewed. Downloadable vodcasts give users the opportunity to view a video repeatedly without a constant connection to the Internet. Vodcasts are being increasingly utilized in schools and universities today, as compatible portable media players such as Apple's iPod are becoming more affordable. Professors at many colleges are taking videos of their lectures and digitally converting them to a vodcast format which can be used by students for initial learning and exam preparation. Additionally, companies such as BMW are calling upon vodcasts to deliver advertising material and other video features for enthusiasts.

BMW at the Geneva Motor Show 2007. Episode 7: BMW X5, BMW xDrive.

external image bmw_xdrive.jpgexternal image pfeil.jpg watch video (mp4)

(05:46) 23/03/2007: Matthias Hoffmann, Head of Product Management X-Cars and Roadster, introduces the new BMW X5 and discusses BMW´s xDrive technology.

An example of a vodcast presented by German automaker BMW. From


A blog is a portmanteau word combining "web" and "log". In general terms, a blog describes a user-generated posting of online material which is listed with the most recent comments first. Blogs are the most recent incarnation of computer message boards such as Usenet, bulletin board systems (BBSs), and forums, which all allowed users to build long conversation threads collaboratively. Blogs are spread throughout the Internet today, with topics ranging from football to families, and from politics to pasta. These online postings are becoming an ever-increasing part of American news and politics, with blogs breaking several news stories over the past few years. When Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott asserted at a media dinner that the United States would have been better off if Strom Thurmond (a segregationist candidate) would have been elected President in 1948, mainstream media largely ignored the story. However, when the story was broken by bloggers, it spread like wildfire through Washington, DC, ultimately causing Senator Lott to step down as Leader. Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather was also at least partially brought down by bloggers. In 2004, that network ran a story presented by Rather on its "60 Minutes II" broadcast highlighting documents that called into question President George W. Bush's military service record. As bloggers began to research the documents, they uncovered (with forensic assistance) that the papers relied on by CBS were indeed forgeries. This scandal eventually led to Rather's removal as CBS News anchor.

external image ESB_accesslevelscreen.jpg

A screen shot from ePals school blog, a product that allows school administrators and teachers the opportunity to create student-safe blogs. Products like these provide the benefits of online blogging (such as collaboration and exploratory learning) while protecting students from the uncertainties and liabilities of the open Internet. Product image courtesy of

Voice over IP

VoIP enables the transmission of audio (speech) across the Internet. This is accomplished by either using an instant messaging program that enables voice transmission such as MSN Messenger or ICQ or through VoIP telephony. The idea is that VoIP allows a convergence of voice, data, video, and fax while avoiding telephone charges.

Digital TV

Digital TV is a network of digital transmissions established by broadcast television outlets. The transmission allows for greater control of the broadcast, meaning the viewer can interact with the broadcast by stopping, editing and replaying the transmission. Within the signal through digital compression and other technologies the transmission allows for more information to be carried with the broadcast than just the video signal. Video, audio, graphics and text can simultaneously be transmitted with the broadcast. this 'datacasting' or embedded information in the signal allows end users to store that information even on PCs. For educators, Digital TV is attractive for its large file transmissions, that can deliver rich multi-media files within transmissions that will be received by standard home equipment in the very near future.